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Angry Asian Girls United: Awesome PoC Tumblrs






wocinsolidarityhave compiled an amazing list ofAwesome PoC Tumblrs! First, give them a follow. Then, check out some of the wonderful blogs on their list below…


Actresses of Color 


AfroFuturist Affair

All Things Thai

Alternative Girls of Colour 

Angry Asian Girls United 

Angry Black Girls United 

Angry Native Feminists 

Angry Women of Color United

Asian History

Asian Nu Project

Asians Not Studying

Asian Women Body Rainbow

Authors of Color


Badass Women

Bald Black Beauties

BAMF Women of Color

Beautiful Curls 

Beso Del Sol 

Big Beautiful Black Girls 

Black and Curvy

Black Contemporary Art 

Black Fashion

Black Gay Problems 

Black Girl Books

Black Girls Killing It

Black NDNS

Black Women World History 

Break the Binary

Brown Girls Help

Brown Saviors

Body Posi Bikini Babes



Chubby Bunnies

Cine de America Latina

Classic Ladies of Color

Classic Men of Color

Colorful Cuties

Colourd Girls with Ink

Cosplaying Domincan Republic

Cosplaying While Black

Cosplaying While Latino

Culture is Not a Costume 

Curved Margins 

Curves in Color


Daily Fatspiration

Damn Lay Off the Bleach

Dark Skinned and Tattoos

Decolonizing Media

Devoted to Diversity in Art

Diasporan Booty Shaking

Dirty South Radicals (Note: currently under construction)

Disney for Princesses | Disney and Intersectionality 

Diversity in Film & TV

Diversity in YA 

Dolls of Color

Don’t Buy Miss Saigon: Our Truth Project 

Dynamic Africa 



Fantasy of Color


Fat Art

Fat Brown Hijabis

Fat Grrrl Activism 

Fat Girls Are Fun

Fat People of Color

Fck Yeah Filipino Culture 

Feminists of Color

Fitness, Not Thinspo

Fotos de Oaxaca

For LGBT, Queer, and Two Spirit Indigenous People 

Fuck Colonialism 

Fuck NO! Fetishization 

Fuck Yea Badass Latinas

Fuck Yeah Asian Dykes!

Fuck Yeah Black Pinup Girls

Fuck Yeah Cracker 

Fuck Yeah Dark Girls

Fuck Yeah Desi Women

Fuck Yeah Ethnic Men

Fuck Yeah Ethnic Women

Fuck Yeah FTMs of Color

Fuck Yeah, Hard Femme!

Fuck Yeah Indigenous Fashion!

Fuck Yeah LGBTQ Asians! 

Fuck Yeah LGBTQ Black People

Fuck Yeah! Mixed Beauty

Fuck Yeah MTFs of Color

Fuck Yeah Music of Color

Fuck Yea Queer Femme

Fuck Yeah Queer Latin@s

Fuck Yeah Queer People of Color! 

Fuck Yeah, Racebending

Fuck Yeah PoC Red Carpet Fashion

Fuck Yeah Sex Education

Fuck Yeah South Asia! 

Fuck Yeah, Southeast Asia! 

Fuck Yeah, Xicana Power! 

Fuck Your Racism




The Green Papaya 

Go Away, Gora

GTFO My Culture


Hmong Thrills


I Am Not Haraam

I Heart Southeast Asia

Internal Acceptance Movement

Intersectional Feminism



Korra is Not Tan



Latinas Are Not A Fetish

Latina Nerds Unite

Latino Sexuality


Made by Malaysians 

Medieval PoC


Models of Color

Modest and Fabulous

Modesty is Mystery 

Muslim Women in History


Native Appropriations 

Native Women Rock

Natural Hair Everything


NDN Education

The Network / La Red

The Non-Binary

North African Models


Oppressed Brown Girls Doing Things 




PoC Fat Fashion

PoC in Musicals

PoC Problems

PoC With Disabilities 

PoC ‘Zine Project

Pretty Black Pastel 

Project Queer


QPoC in Like

Queer Book Club

Queer Muslims

Quisqueya Meets Borinken

Qwear | Fashion Blog 



Racebent Disney (Note: currently on hiatus)


Racism School 

Reclaiming the Afro Tag

Reclaiming the Black People Tag

Reclaiming the Brazilian Tag

Reclaiming the Latina Tag

Reclaiming the Native Tag

Red Umbrella Project 

Redefining Body Image

Rich in Color

Rise Africa (Africa is Done Suffering)


Shades and Supers | Representing Instead of Resenting 

Shades of Fantasy

Shameless Brown Girls

SQS: Trans* Empowerment Collective

Stop Whitewashing (Note: currently on hiatus)


Style Latino


Tattoos on my Black Skin

Think Mexican

This Could Have Been Frozen

This is Not Africa

This is Not Arab

This is Not Asian

This is Not Hawaiian 

This is Not India

This is Not Japan

This is Not Korea

This Is Not Latin@! 

This is Not Native

This is Not Pinoy

This is White History

This is White Privilege

Trans Student Equality Resources

Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project

Transgender Housing Network


U.S. History Minus the White Guys 

Uyghur Love 


Vintage Black Glamour 

Vision Maker Media


Watch Color TV 

We Are All Mixed Up 

What I LOVE About Being QUEER

White People in Sombreros

Who Runs the World? Big Girls

WoC Recovery 

The Women of Color Survival Kit 



You are Not Desi

You Know You’re Mixed When

Your Fave Is Problematic


Last Updated September 29 2013. 



We made the list y’all!

guys this is beautiful

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The Year of Self-Education: 50 Ways to Prepare for Revolution


by Stephanie McMillan

The people of the United States are currently unprepared to seize a revolutionary moment. We must fix that.

How can we raise our levels of revolutionary consciousness, organization and struggle?

Raise consciousness

1) Raise consciousness with the purpose of building…

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no i am still not over it: angryasiangirlsunited: What’s Wrong With the Term ‘Person of Color’...


What’s Wrong With the Term ‘Person of Color’

…or at least how it’s used.

by Janani

My tension with the term ‘person of color’ begins in high school. It begins at a stay-away anti-oppression camp in Jefferson City, Missouri. I was grouped…

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TW: Imperialism, Genocide…



"the suburb of agbogbloshie in ghana’s capital, accra, has in recent years become a dumping ground for computers and electronic waste from europe and the united states. hundreds of tons of e-waste end up here every month as countries in the west attempt to unload their ever increasing stockpiles of toxic junk. of the 20 to 50 million tons of electronics discarded each year, 70% will end in up poor nations.

"increasingly, this e-waste is finding it’s way to west africa and countries like ghana. traders bypass international laws by labeling the equipment as second hand goods or charity donations, but in reality as much as 80% of the computers sent to ghana are broken or obsolete. their final resting place is the agbogbloshie dump where they are broken apart, mostly by children, to salvage the cooper, hard drives and other components that can be sold on.

"the disposal of electronic goods in the west is a costly affair and must be done in an environmentally responsible manner. however, in places like ghana there are no such regulations, and toxic metals like lead, beryllium, cadmium and mercury are continuously being released, causing untold damage to human health and the environment."

photos and text by andrew mcconnell

the ways in which antiblackness and environmental justice come together…

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